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ERMC Provides Services in Bogota, Columbia

ERMC recently was able to provide consulting expertise in Bogota, Columbia. The work included:

  • Review drilling Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • A corporate ERP review
  • Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) consulting
  • The delivery of two EOC exercises

Our North American based client with operations in South America, was looking for assistance to ensure continuity and consistency in their emergency management systems and response structures across both continents.

Central to the project’s success was the ability of ERMC to deliver all services in Spanish.  On staff, ERMC has a consultant who is fluent in Spanish – and was also able to recruit simulators for the SIM centre, based in Edmonton for the exercises.  They were equally fluent in Spanish.  As a result, the exercise instructions and scripting were translated into Spanish and English – ensuring a “true” evaluation of the client’s own internal capabilities – in both languages.

The preparation and material development work was all done at the ERMC Canadian head office.  The work in Columbia was done at the client offices, and was all accomplished in a one week time frame.  This allowed the client a “quick” turnaround and also helped minimize cost.

The result is encapsulated in the client’s direct quote, “Just a quick note to say how pleased I was with the ERMC consultant’s performance here during the last week’s training and exercise, we could not have accomplished the positive outcomes without his involvement. Thank you ERMC for being so accommodating and professional.”

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