Are you ready?

Emergency/Crisis Preparedness-Self Assessment Tool

1. Do you know or are you familiar with the hazards that could cause an emergency or crisis for your company, organization or community?

 Yes    No    Don’t Know   

a) Which of the following could cause an emergency for your company, organization or community (please tick any that apply)?

 Ice Storm
 Forest Fire
 Wild Fire
 Chemical release-gas or liquid
 Transportation Emergency (ground, rail, air or water)
 Structural Collapse
 Terrorist Attack
 Communicable Disease
 Technology Failure (computer, telephone or IT)
 Supply Chain Disruption
 Security Breach
 Loss of Key Personnel

2. Do you have any written plans to deal with business interruptions, emergencies or crisis?

 Yes    No    Don’t Know   

3. Has emergency response training been conducted in your organization?

 Yes    No    Don’t Know   

4. Has your company, organization, or community conducted an emergency response exercise or practice, i.e. table top, drill or full scale exercise?

 Yes    No    Don’t Know   

5. How effective would your company, organization or community be if you needed to implement your emergency or crisis plan(s) for an incident lasting longer than 48 hours?

 Ineffective    Partially effective    Effective    Very effective   

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Disclaimer: Results will vary based on input into the tool. This tool does not provide a complete assessment of readiness and should only be used with a more detailed review of risks and hazards to develop an emergency or crisis response plan and program.