ERMC Newsletter for Municipalities – January 2015


These past few months, we have made a specific effort to reach out and contact municipalities and let them know the scope of services that ERMC has to offer.
Our core services include:
• Emergency Management • Crisis Communications
• Business Continuity • Health and Safety

One unique service we want to highlight is our MAINTENANCE Program. We provide support to maintain your emergency management plans including regular contact updates, scheduling and planning of training, scheduling and planning of exercises, updating of resources and, scheduling, planning and facilitating committee/update meetings.
Customers have found that this service helps ensure that their plans are kept current and that their overall program is maintained so that their people and resources are “there” when needed.
A question we are often asked relates to budget – many communities recognize the need to devote additional time and resources to emergency management – but this thing called “budget” gets in the way. ERMC works with clients to develop multi-year strategic plans so that you can plan ahead and work within your budget cycles to move your programs forward.
In Alberta, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs offers different grant programs that can also be looked at to support your emergency management initiatives. Two possible programs for you to consider include:
• Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) http://www.municipalaffairs.alberta.ca/municipalgrants-sustainability.cfm
• Fire Services and Emergency Preparedness Program http://www.municipalaffairs.alberta.ca/municipalgrants-communities.cfm
If you have any questions about how our services might be able to support you and your community, please don’t hesitate to call me – you can reach me toll free at 1.800.718.3762 or by email: bhertz@ermcglobal.com.

Bruce Hertz