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Lac Megantic – One Year Later……

The town has not yet recovered fully and the trains are rolling again. Citizens who lived through the nightmare feel the ground shake and hear the train whistles and worry. This is the part of a disaster that is often forgotten when writing emergency response plans. How to help the people affected by the disaster. Emergency Social Services (ESS) is an essential but poorly understood part of emergency planning. And it is not just the responsibility of the government. Industries must be able and ready to help those affected by emergencies caused by their activities. Ensure that your plans include helping those affected long after the fire is out, the spill is cleaned up or the trains start running again.

ERMC has just completed an Emergency Social Services Plan AND a Regional Emergency Social Services Plan for the Town of High River and the surrounding communities.  This is Regional ESS Plan is one of the first in Alberta.   We incorporated a Reception Centre Manual with the ESS Plan.   Regardless of your organization, having a plan in place to help your people is a key requirement of your emergency management program.