About Us


ERMC’s vision and mission statements are at the core of our methodology.  We spend the time up front to identify with the client what they require to improve their emergency preparedness or continuity status.  Once we have worked with our client and identified what needs to be done, we then evaluate our ability to successfully work together.

We view Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness as a critical element of a client’s overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP).  The hope is that the BCP will never be needed – just like the Emergency Response Plan – however, there is that “Murphy’s Law” that seems to always enter into day to day operations.  Acknowledging that things can go wrong and the planning and preparation prior to that can help minimize the damage and disruption to operations – AND speed recovery back to normal operations  – pretty much dictates that most organizations should have emergency and business continuity plans in place.

Project Management:

ERMC is fortunate to have many highly skilled consultants and associate consultants to work with our clients – however, even still, we ensure that we can achieve the client objectives before bidding on or working on a project.

In general, we approach our assignments in the following way:

  • Definition of client objectives.
  • Validation of methodology to achieve those objectives.
  • Develop proposal and budget for client acceptance.
  • Develop, in conjunction with client, a detailed project plan, timeline, and reporting protocol.
  • Validate requirements from each party to ensure project success.
  • Execute the project as per the project plan, timeline and reporting requirements.
  • Report to client on completion.

Once we commence a project, we assign a lead consultant to that project to ensure continuity and consistency throughout.  With access to all the resources of ERMC, the lead consultant ensures that client objectives and timelines are met.