ERMC’s Learning/Preparedness Model

Diagnose -Accurately identify the gaps in your organization to accurately identify the opportunities and correctly assess your needs and objectives

Design -Create an effective engagement strategy and design a solution that delivers maximum impact

Develop -Create the conditions for the successful delivery of our services

Deliver -Ensure quality delivery of our services and prepare for the next level of engagement (i.e., managerial to organizational)

Central to all ERMC solutions, learning and closely associated with learning, the confidence in preparing your organization in the critical areas of emergency preparedness and business continuity

ERMC work with you to diagnose your needs, then we design, develop, and deliver a solution that meets your needs exactly

How ERMC Helps Your Organization

  • Prepared for Action – make decisions quickly, not carelessly
  • Continuous Improvement – Continually find a better way to work together.
  • Extraordinary Results – prepare for best outcomes.