Case Studies

Since our incorporation in 1990, ERMC has assisted in writing literally hundreds of emergency response plans and worked at planning and coordinating at least as many exercises.  Rather than try to list them all, we have provided below a sampling of some of the work that we have completed.

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Multinational Chemical Company

Gas-Fired Electric Generating Station

Multibillion Dollar Greenfield Industrial Development

Global Materials Technology Group

Post-Secondary Education Institution

Viterra Letter of Recommendation



  • Completion of an audit for a chemical company covering six (6) locations across North America.
  • Completion of an audit of the emergency response organization, plans and resources for a health authority with an annual operating budget of approximately $2.0 billion.
  • Completion of an audit checklist for a government regulator to audit gas process facilities.
  • Completion of an audit of an emergency response plan for a marine freight company to satisfy stakeholder requirements.



  • Developed risk assessment and emergency response plan for a municipal County undergoing rapid resource development.
  • Developed emergency response plan for pipeline company for a High Vapour Pressure (HVP) pipeline.
  • Developed emergency response plan for a post secondary institution along with an implementation guide to allow individual departments to utilize “master” ERP as template.
  • Conducted risk assessment and developed ERP for a municipal police force.
  • Developed ERP’s for oil and gas, chemical, agricultural, pipeline, forestry and municipal clients across North America.



  • Developed and delivered Incident Command Systems Training to multiple clients.
  • Developed and delivered Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) training to multiple clients.
  • Developed and delivered Emergency Response Plan Familiarization training to multiple clients.
  • Developed and delivered ONLINE TRAINING programs for clients on Incident Command and Plan Familiarization.
  • Developed and delivered NFPA 472 (Hazardous Materials) Awareness and Operations training to clients in the chemical process and nuclear industry.



  • Planned and coordinated a mass transit exercise for a major Canadian municipality involving a bomb explosion on a train.  Simulated 25 fatalities, 75 injuries and involved multiple federal, provincial and local responders (+1000 persons) in the planning and delivery.
  • Planned and coordinated a fire and gas release exercise at an oil and gas refinery.  Simulated evacuation of surrounding residents and roadblock installation.
  • Planned and coordinated a pandemic exercise with a municipality highlighted by the “loss” during the exercise of 50% of the EOC staff.
  • Planned and coordinated a massive utility failure exercise involving 5 separate company branches.
  • Planned and coordinated exercise for multinational corporation spanning 2 continents.
  • Planned and coordinated exercise for a retirement/nursing facility simulating evacuation of residents.



  • Consulting assistance to a new processing facility to obtain regulatory approvals, Emergency Response Plan development and community consultations.
  • Consulting assistance to a provincial government department in restructuring to better manage incidents as a result of issues identified through the ERP process.
  • Consulting assistance to multiple clients in planning and equipping their EOC’s.
  • Business Continuity Planning assistance to a provincial government department to assist internal resources in moving their business continuity plans forward.
  • Consulting assistance to a multinational oil and gas company in developing TIER III Emergency Response and Crisis Communcations Plans.
  • Consulting assistance to a municipality in developing mutual aid agreements with neighbouring municipalities and their host County to better manage emergency events.



ERMC works with our clients to identify areas within their response plans that software can augment or improve their ability to respond.

This includes SAFER SYSTEMS Plume dispersion modelling, AIZAN call out and telephony management and messaging services, and ALLANTRA as an online learning tool.

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