ERMC offers a wide variety of services to assist your organization prepare for an emergency.  ERMC works with you and tailors our services appropriately to ensure that content is specific to your organization’s existing systems.


Hazard, Risk and “Vulnerability Analysis and Assessments”.
Plan Review
Emergency response management program

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Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Crisis Communications Plan

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Plan Familiarization
Incident Command
Managing Emergency Operations (Emergency Operations Centre Training):
– General – EOC members
– EOC Directors and/or Chiefs/Manager
– EOC individual section
– EOC administrative staffExecutive Training
Exercise design
Crisis communications
Leadership in Emergency Management
Computer Based “ONLINE” Training Delivery Methods
Virtual Class Room Training Delivery

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Table Top
Full Scale simulation

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Design of Emergency Operations Centres
Facilitation of community liaison sessions
Support during regulatory hearings
Development of Mutual Aid agreements
Development of self tests
Air Exchange Testing for EOC’s and Shelter in Place Facilities
Executive Retreats/Briefings on Risk and Emergency Management/Crisis Communications

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Plume modelling for planning and response
Emergency Management
Communications and collaboration solutions
Notifications/Call out systems.
Cell Phone Network Enhancements for increased connectivity/range extension

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ERMC can work with you in creating specialized services incorporating the above services.