When an emergency situation develops it is important to react quickly, calmly and in a controlled manner.
As well, our user friendly and concise plans cover the major elements of an emergency management system including:

  • Preparedness
  • Training
  • Exercise
  • Administration
  • Response
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Resource inventory
  • Hazard Analysis Procedures

Emergency Response Plan

Our highly participatory approach ensures that your system is customized to your needs and satisfies any corporate or regulatory requirements.  Emergency response plans developed by ERMC are functional, complete, and user-friendly.  When the job is done, your organization will have a plan that your people will own and have confidence in.  It is your plan, not ERMC’s.

Business Continuity Plan

Because recovery from disaster or disruption involves processes that extend beyond emergency management, organizations today require business continuity as well as emergency response plans.  Are you prepared?  Our unique perspective can help you integrate your emergency management plan with your overall business continuity plan.

Crisis Communications Plan

ERMC partners with an established, experienced firm in providing crisis communications solutions to clients.  Crisis communications planning can address all facets of communications including plans, holding statements, media training, social media and messaging management.  ERMC will also ensure that your organization’s emergency response and continuity plans mesh seamlessly with your Crisis communications plan.